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Valiant RPG Gladiator

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VALIANT GLADIATOR (Valiant Gladiator), the;Things and if they win by pressing the attack button without thinking;For those who enjoy also, got bored on a common combat system anywhere;RPG's battle system is a new sensation.;Or to say good performance of the equipment, because a high level, it will simply lose If you let your guard down.;However, if you can well for attack and defense to the contrary, the performance of the equipment will be able to win without good odds level is low;You can enjoy hot offense and defense.;? How to Play;Players can select actions from the following items.;• Check the status... status, you can change the equipment.;• You can purchase weapons shop..., shield, of the item.;· By choosing the person you want to play against... arena, you can play against that opponent.;Let's enhance the player experience value can be obtained by victory, in prize money.;? ban;In the game, and there is not enough level of player arena;The equipment and can not be purchased, and the opponent can not play.;To lift a ban on them, has a devil icon on the status of an arena opponent;You need to win to Rankubosu.;? equipment;? weapon;Range can sneak... sneak attack range (see below ?).;The range attack... attack range.;Will affect the speed and movement generation interval (see below ?) attacks... bullet weight.;Characteristics of the type of weapon;Although wide-range attacks... dagger, vital point range is narrow. Lighter weight.;The average-range sword attacks..., vital point range, all in weight.;Although the narrow-range attacks... ax, vital point range is wide. Heavy weight.;? shield;Impregnable impregnable defense... can range range (see below ?).;The range attack defense... defense range.;? combat;Player in combat action can be taken are as follows.;? If you press the button to use items... items, you can use recovery items have.;? attack;The blue bullet attack has flowed from the left of the attack gauge.;Bullet attack, attack by pressing the attack button is successful in the attack range.;At this time, if the bullet is in the range sneak attack, you can damage that ignores the defense next to "sneak attack", the other party.;If you press the attack outside the range, and the penalty will be (see below).;? defense;A red bullet defense has flowed from the left of the gauge defense.;Bullet defense, defense is successful If you press the button within defense defense.;At this time, if the bullet is in the range impregnable defense, does not accept next to "impregnable defense", the damage.;When the key is pressed out of range defense, and the penalty will be (see below).;Also, when someone reaches the right side of the gauge bullet defense, next to "Miss defense;You would damage that ignores the defense of the player.;? a certain period of time... penalty, you will not press the attack button, both the defense button. (Items available);? image you are using in the game has let me use a site like the following material, or material of like providers. (In no particular order);Museum material and we https://www.vita-chi.net/sozai1.htm ?;Tei he who https://may.force.mepage.jp/ Resona;Nyan limp home this https://guttari8.sakura.ne.jp/;SPIERAL WIND https://spieralwind.tuzikaze.com/;https://cyanyurikago.web.fc2.com/ cradle of cyan;Workshop https://www.pakupaku.com/game/ decrement;pixv;No. 1 small fish;Not sleeping;Sheath;Mercantile city;??;? This game has been produced based on the 800 * 480 screen size.;800 * 480 In addition, make sure the layout of the screen in 854 * 400 An attempt has been made;If you are using, you may collapse if the layout of the screen size of the other terminals.


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